Upcoming Additions and Updates

We always have the future in mind when it comes to Proposal Suite. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to as you use Proposal Suite...

CSV exports for Leads

We will be adding the ability to export your leads as a CSV file very soon!

Improvements to the details for Leads

Currently, there is no way to view all the activity, all the proposals, and an organized set of notes for each lead from the Leads tab. This is in the works!

Property imports from recognized databases and tools

At this time, each property used in your proposals must be created in Proposal Suite. We want to simplify this process and speed up this step for you. We will be looking to work with databases/tools such as the EDsuite Available Properties Tool, Zoom Prospector, LOIS, Xceligent, and more to enable simple and easy import to your Properties list within Proposal Suite.