New Features & Fixes In Proposal Suite

We are constantly working to make Proposal Suite better. Some things we add you may never notice, but they will make the system even more user friendly! We will from time to time add bigger features and make more noticeable changes which you can learn about here.

Version 2.0

Released May 26, 2017

Version 2 of Proposal Suite is our biggest and most complete upgrade to date on the system. A full update to the look and feel of the dashboard and some much needed improvements to the lead management area have been added. We hope that you enjoy the changes and as always, we will continue to improve on Proposal Suite in any way we can.


  • Fresh new look over the entire dashboard
  • Auto save has been added to ensure no lost progress as you work on your proposals
  • Account features moved to icons in the header
  • Leads details are now shown on their own page and each lead now features a list of the proposals attached to that lead on the details sheet
  • All add content buttons now have one convenient home under the NEW button in the left column of the dashboard
  • The proposal archive now allows you to preview a proposal from the archive without having to activate it again first


Version 1.5

Released February 20, 2016


  • Upgrade to the simple editors throughout Proposal Suite
  • CSV import option added for leads
  • Pre-loaded example content added for new accounts
  • Confirmation text added to confirm sent proposals

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Duplicate section titles
  • Fixed: Adjustments for larger screen viewing
  • Fixed: Activity window time/date adjustments

Version 1.1  

Officially Launched December 1, 2016

Proposal System's official launch! We hope you enjoy this new product.