Setting Up Your Account

These are a few steps that you should complete before beginning your first proposal.

Step 1 | Complete Your Account Information

During the registration process you will be asked to enter most of this information. After your new account is in place, you are free to make changes to your information by going to the Settings menu and choosing Account.

One of the most important things to setting up your account is getting a quality version of your logo (preferably a PNG without a background), and adding it to your account. The information shown here will be displayed on the cover page of your future proposals unless an alternate staff member is assigned to that proposal.

Step 2 | Add Staff Members

If you have multiple staff members in your office, you will want to add them to the Proposal Suite staff section. You can access the staff section under the Settings tab. Once added, a future proposal can be assigned to one of these staff members. By doing this, the name and contact information of the staff member assigned will be used on the cover page of the proposal rather than the primary account holder's information.

Note: If the person listed on the primary Account page is the only staff member, you do not have to add his or her information again to the Staff list.

Support & Feedback

As you begin to use Proposal Suite, if at any time you have questions or feedback for us you can send us a quick message from the Support tab. We welcome any suggestions you may have or requests for possible future additions to Proposal Suite! You will also find a quick link to this Help site for your future use, as well as links to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of Proposal Suite.