Create A Property

Properties can be saved in the Proposal Suite for future use in proposals. You will need to create the Site or Building within Proposal Suite in order for it to be able to be added to a proposal.

The Properties Tab

Here are the features available on the properties tab:

  1. Add new buildings or sites to the list with the +Property button at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Sort the list of properties by clicking on one of the column titles. Click again to reverse the sort.
  3. Edit or delete the property with the Action buttons.

Step 1 | Choose The Property Type

When you add a property, you will first choose building or site.

Step 2 | Add The Details

Once a type is chosen, you will be presented with a webform style details page. Fill out as much information as possible in order for the property to display in the best way. You may preview and save the property at the bottom of the form.

Note: Any error in the form will be highlighted in red when the form fails to submit. Simply complete the field properly and re-save. If you feel there is no error in your entry yet the form will not submit, please take a screen shot of the error and send it to us with the details.