Create A Proposal

Creating Proposals is the primary purpose of Proposal Suite. Everything else connects in some way to the process of of proposal creation.

The Proposal Tab

Here are the options available to you on the proposal tab:

  1. To create a new proposal, click the +Proposal button at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Proposals can be sorted by clicking any column. Click the column a second time to reverse the sort.
  3. Use the Action buttons to edit the proposal, archive the proposal, or delete it.
  4. View the activity on a proposal that has been sent to a client.
  5. Get a quick preview of the proposal by clicking on proposal name.

Step 1 | Set Leads, Staff, Name

Before setting a lead, you need to have added it to the Lead tab.

You do not have to assign a proposal to a staff member. However, If you have multiple staff members in your office, assigning a staff member that you have in the system will allow notifications to go to that staff person's email as well as the primary account person. Notifications will automatically be sent to the primary account holder's email.

The name you give the proposal will be the name shown on both the Proposal tab list as well as the cover page of the proposal.

Step 2 | Build The Sections

Building sections to fill your proposal will get easier over time, but we have made them as simple as we can even starting out. Lets look at them:

  1. Insert a new section or property right where you want it, either before or after a section you have already created.
  2. You can rearrange the order of sections by first collapsing, then dragging it into the correct order.
  3. The simple editor makes formatting easy, yet still gives you plenty of customization options.
  4. You can preview each individual section if you choose.
  5. As you create sections, be sure to consider saving them for future use! This will significantly cut down on the time it takes to build a proposal from scratch.

Step 3 | Add Attachments & Save

After you have added all your sections, you can use the bottom Documents section to add any additional attachments you would like. There is a list of allowed file types that spans a pretty wide range of options.

Note: Files added as attachments will show as links when the proposal is sent as an online PDF or Shared Link, however, the contents of each attachment will NOT show when the proposal is printed out.

Be sure to save your progress regularly. Proposal Suite is looking to add auto-save very soon, but currently a proposal is only saved when you click the save button.