Your First Proposal

So you have set up your account and you are ready to get started creating amazing proposals with Proposal Suite. Let's walk through creating that first proposal.

Step 1 | Create The Lead

Before beginning your proposal, you will want to create a Lead to send the proposal to. This lead will be shown on the cover page as the person the proposal is addressed to as well as the email will be used to send the proposal from Proposal Suite if you so choose.

Step 2 | Start Your First Proposal

Time to start building! You can begin your proposal in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the start proposal action for the lead you just created.  
  2. Click on the +Proposal button at the top of the dashboard.

Step 3 | Building Your Proposal

There are several parts and multiple options you can utilize as you build proposals which will be covered in detail elsewhere in this manual. However, here are the basics:

  1. Begin typing the name of the lead you created in the lead field.
  2. If you are attaching a staff member you created, then type there name in.
  3. The proposal name will show on the cover page of the proposal.
  4. Begin adding and creating sections.  

Happy Proposal Building! For more specifics and help on the features available in Proposal Suite, please continue reading the other articles found on the help site.