How Do I Embed A YouTube Video On A Page?

This is a very simple walkthrough on placing a YouTube video on a page of your site. These steps assume that you have already uploaded the video to YouTube. If you require help doing this, you will need to consult Google's help resources.

Step 1 | Choose to Share

Click on the Share button located below the YouTube video you are wanting to embed.

Step 2 | Choose the Embed size

You will next need to:

  1. Click on the Embed option
  2. Choose a size or custom size for the video
  3. Choose the other options you want for the embed as offered by YouTube.
  4. Copy the iFrame code provided after the sizing and options are chosen.

Step 3 | Placing the video on your page

Next you will access the page you want to place the video on, enter edit mode, and click the Source button in the editor.

Step 4 | Paste the code

After clicking the Source button you will see everything on the page you are working with in HTML code. You will now place the YouTube code where you want the video to show. After placing the code, you can click the Source button again to see the simple edit view without the HTML.

Step 5 | Final adjustments

Once the editor is out of HTML mode and back in standard mode you will see the video show as a blank square with the red word IFRAME in the middle. When saved, the video will view properly as a YouTube player.

Double click on the IFrame box to make any additional width or height adjustments to the video. Several other options are also available through the IFrame Properties dialogue.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save to make your changes visible on the page.