Creating A New Property

These instructions cover the adding of a brand new property to your EDsuite property tool.

Step 1 | Add Content

Click on the Add Content button and choose Property from the list.

Step 2 | Title And Contact Information

The first section you will see is your property title and contact information. Below is an example of this section filled out.

Step 3 | Pin The Address

Add your address in and then choose find address on map. Once the pin is dropped, you can click on the satellite view of the Google map, and click and drag the pin to be as specific as you want on the property.

Step 3 | Pin The Address

Step 4 | Add Photos & Details

  1. Click the Browse button to upload photos. Multiple photos can be uploaded. After uploading, please make note that the first photo in the list will be the Thumbnail image for that property in the tool.
  2. Choose either Building or Site.
  3. Continue down the form filling out your information. Whatever you do not fill out, simply wont show up.

Step 5 | Get Notified

If you would like to get notified after a period of time to check on the property you have just entered, add your email or emails into the field. Then select a period of time from the drop down.

Example of EDsuite Available Property Verification Email

The email shown below is similiar to what you will receive for verification of the property after the chosen amount of time. You will receive 2 email opportunities to act on the property. After the third, if no action is taken, your property will be unpublished. The first hyperlink allows you to view the property to be reminded of which one you are dealing with. After viewing it, you will need to choose to Verify that it is still good with the second link, or choose the third link to Unpublish it from the tool.

Step 6 | Publish It

Scroll to the bottom and click save. If you ever need to remove a property from public view, but you do not want to delete it, just uncheck the Published box found on the Publishing Options tab.

Step 6 | Publish It