How Do I Add A New Page To My Site?

These steps cover adding a new basic page to your website.

Step 1 | Add Content

Click on the Add Content menu and choose Basic Page from the list.

Step 2 | Create Your Page

  1. Add a title to your page.
  2. Add your content for the page. For more detailed information on working with the page editor, click here.

Step 3 | Tell It Where To Go

  1. Check the Provide Menu Link box
  2. Give the page a Menu Title if there is not one here already.
  3. Choose what page/menu you want your new page to live under. Select Main Menu to add the page as a Primary Link on the site.
  4. Click Save.

For further adjustments on the placement of your new page within the menu you have chosen or to a different menu, please see How Do I Move A Page?