How Do I Place An Excel Table On A Page?

Placing an Excel table on a page is fairly simple. Please follow the below step carefully to ensure the table looks correct on your site. If you run into formatting issues, please contact EDsuite directly.

Step 1 | Open In Microsoft Excel

First open your table in Excel. Select the table cells, then clear the Formats of the table from the menu. This option may be located in a different place depending on your computer.

Step 2 | Copy and Paste

After clearing the format of the table, you should only see the text inside the cells. Now copy your table and paste in to your website editor. The quick key code for copying is usually CTRL+C on PC and COMMAND+C on Mac. Paste is CTRL+V and COMMAND+V.

Step 3 | Format Table

After pasting into the site editor, select all the cells of the table and click the Format Eraser button.

Step 4 | Set Properties

You will notice the table shrink a little after formatting it. Now right click anywhere on the table and select Table Properties.

Step 5 | Properties settings

  1. The width will probably show a random number. Change this to 100%.
  2. If you want the first row of the table to show the header styling programmed for your site's tables, select First Row from the dropdown.
  3. Set Border size to 1 for borders and 0 for no borders.
  4. Set cell spacing and padding to a number between 1-4.
  5. Click OK.

At this point your table should be fully formatted for the site. You can add or delete rows and columns as needed and change information. For more detailed information on working with a table once it is on the site, click here.