Creating A New Table

The site editor allows a user to create either a bordered or borderless table on the site. These table function great for information or for spacing purposes. To understand importing an existing table from an Excel file, click here.

Step 1 | Insert Table Button

Locate and click the Insert Table button.

Step 2 | Set Properties

Set the beginning properties for the new table.

  1. Set your starting rows and columns that can be added to later.
  2. Always set your width to 100%.
  3. Your site should have a colored or styled header row programmed into the site. You can choose to set the first row of the table to be a header row if you would like.
  4. Place a 1 in this box for borders to show, place a 0 in the box for a borderless table.
  5. For more padding between the content and the cell walls, add any number between 1-4.
  6. Click OK to add the table to the page.
Step 2 | Set Properties

Step 3 | Working With The Table

Once the table is added to the page editor, you can make additional changes as needed. Type in the cells to add content where desired.

  1. Highlight cells and right click to reveal options to merge cells, add columns or rows, etc.
  2. Choose Table Properties to return to the menu used to create the table originally.
  3. Cell properties will allow you to set an individual cell to be a header styled cell as discussed in the previous step.