Adding Maps To The Tool

The Map tool is a scrolling tool that allows the viewer to see both Google and custom maps uploaded by you. You will usually find it on your site under a menu titled something like Map Room or Location. These instructions below do not work for placing a map on a basic page, only for adding to the Map Tool itself.

Step 1 | Adding a new map

Click on the Add Content button and choose Map from the list.

If editing an existing map, choose Find Content and narrow the filter to Maps.

Step 2 | Upload or Embed

  1. Add a title that will show for the thumbnail in the map room.
  2. Select what order the map will be placed in the thumbnail row.
  3. Browse your hard drive, then upload your Custom map in one of the file types shown. Be sure the map is sized correctly to the image sizes shown before uploading.
  4. If the map is a Google map, set the embed size to match the required image size and click the Source button before pasting the Google code in the editor.

When complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and Submit. Map will automatically appear in the Map Tool.