The Toolbar

The Toolbar is the black and grey bar you will see on the top of your site after you have logged in.

Toolbar View

The four main buttons you will use from this toolbar will be Add Content, Find Content, Home Button, and Logout. All other buttons seen here may be removed or unnecessary to your editing needs.

Add content

The Add Content menu is where you will add any brand new content to your site. Depending on your site's configuration you will see a list of content similar to the one seen below. The Basic Page will be what you will use for most content on the site. The other content types are fairly self-explanatory based on what you are wanting to add to the site.

Find Content

The Find Content menu allows a user to located content that is either unpublished or is a special content type like a banner, property, or news item that is not easily accessible from a menu.

Key Features:

  1. Filter: This allows you to narrow a search of all the content on the site down. The Type drop down is usually the most helpful.
  2. Operations Menu: When multiple items are checked on the list, this drop down allows a mass change to be made.
  3. Clicking here will take a user to view the content.
  4. Clicking here will allow a user to instantly edit this content.