Adding A New Banner

Every site's banner is different, as is the editing view for that bannner. These are just the basics of what you will do to work with the banners. Your site may be different. If you need help, please contact EDsuite directly.

Option 1 | Adding a new banner

To add a new banner, click on the Add Content button and choose banner from the list. Scroll below to see further instructions for working with the banner editor.

Option 1 | Adding a new banner

Option 2 | Editing and Existing Banner

Click on Find Content, then apply the filter to narrow your search down to see just the banners. Your site may call them Homepage Banners, Sliders, or simply Banners. There will be an edit option to the right of the banner title once you apply the filter. Click this to edit that individual banner.

Scroll down to see more specifics for working with the banner editor.

The Banner Editor

As mentioned above, your site may look different, but should have some of these same fields. The general layout will be similar.

  1. The Title is usually only used for you to locate the banner in Find Content, and does not show on the banner itself.
  2. Upload your image. Be sure it is already set to the correct size as shown in the help text for your site.
  3. Fill in the various fields for your banner style.
  4. Add a link for the viewer to click through the banner into your site. Never add a link that sends the viewer off of your site from a banner.
  5. Set the order you want your banner to appear in the rotation.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the editor and submit.