How Do I Move A Page To A Different Menu?

Each menu link is connected directly to a page. When you move the menu link, the page content will move along with that link. Below you will find the easiest way to re-order or move pages on the menus.

When you hover over the Main Menus you will see a Grey Gear show up on the far right end. Click on the gear and then choose the List Links option.

Step 2 | Click & Drag

Once the menus have been listed out, simply click and hold on the crosses beside each menu item and drag that item to the new position you would like it to be in. To make a page a sub-page to another link, simply slide the item to the right while dragging.

Note: Although there is a delete button seen on the right, this is NOT where you delete a page. See the Un-publishing vs. Deleting a Page topic for more information on this.

Step 3 | Save Configuration

Your changes will not be saved until you scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Save Configuration button.