Adding A News Article

News Articles are one of the things that you will probably update the most. Below you will see how to add a new news article to your site.

Step 1 | Add Content

First, Click on the Add Content button located on your grey toolbar at the top of the site.

Step 2 | Choose News

Choose the News option from the Add Content list.

Step 3 | Create News

An editing window will open up for your news article.

  1. Add your Title.
  2. Only upload a thumbnail if you have been informed that your site uses these.
  3. Add an author for the article.
  4. Place your information in the Body.
  5. Be sure to click on the Edit Summary link to expand an area to place a teaser sentence for the article. The teaser should be about 1-2 sentences in length only.

Step 4 | Save & Publish

Once your article is created, scroll to the bottom.

  1. You can set a specific date for the article under the Authoring Information menu if you would like.
  2. Click save, and your article will be posted to your news page on the site.