How Do I Edit A Block?

Blocks are usually located on the front page of your site and occasionally in a left or right column on the interior of your site. These three steps will walk you through making changes to information found in these block areas.

Note: Not all blocks are editable. Some, like the News & Press or Property Search block seen below, only draw directly from the tool they are connected to. For questions or changes regarding a block you cannot edit, but would like to, please contact EDsuite.

Step 1 | Access Configure Block

First, Locate the Grey Gear that shows up when you hover over the block. Click on the gear and choose Configure Block.

Step 2 | Make Edits

This will take you into the edit screen for the block. You can then make your changes within the Block Body editor. If you are replacing an image in the block, be sure to use a new image that is the exact same size as the old image to avoid spacing issues.

Step 3 | Save Block

When your changes are complete, scroll to the bottom of the edit window and click Save Block, and your changes will go live.